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Minimal Grazes

Title: Minimal Grazes 

Summmary: Five year old Arianna Grace comes up with an unusual solution to her Aunt Sydney and Uncle Johnny’s fatherless state.

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Shameless rewatch ⟶ It’s Time To Kill The Turtle

Hey there, am i wrong or did i see you fangirling over charles ii & catherine of braganza?

Hi :) No, you are quite correct, you saw me do that -  I’ve been doing that a fair bit over the last few days! There’s just sooo much to fangirl over with the two of them :) I mean, the cute alone…. 

Harry James Potter + Sass



This might just be a very appropriate choice.

REASON #187381728 TO REBLOG:


I’ve tried to resist, but…must…reblog.



Nature; the most beautiful and serene is often the most ruthless and destructive

That’s some power metal shit right there.

Just ordered Antonia Fraser’s book on Charles II.

The feels are coming.